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Latest Releases ...

Welcome once more to PondLife, and our latest update!
Firstly a BIG thank you to all who've visited & enjoyed the aural de-lights of our Pond
since our inception & left us all those lovely messages.

SUGARDRUM have landed in the pond and all the whirligig beetles are dancing! Login and get two very beautiful EPs for FREE

We are only going to say it once - do not miss Carrie Tree's EP on the front page.  It's beautiful.

Latest releases include 'States of Amnesia' which is available as a free download and loads of other more goodies all shown on the front page.

Already enjoying a wonderful buzzy feel, Glastonbury is always full of excellent music. Craig MacPharlan has released a second e.p. entitled'Immortal Hour' which includes music from the GONG operatic play. We welcome the first two albums from seasoned glastonian Busker 'Mark Kelly' whose album 'Freedom Train' is a real gem in the pond.

Despite forming some rather interesting Gas bubbles the pond is still steeped in tranquil folk sounds, and we wouldn't let you down. This season we have the delightful 'Angelica' Album from Muriel and a whole host of offerings from Caitlin.  Also the unbelievable traditional debut from 'Forcenra' is here. And we welcome Catrin Oneill with her debut album 'Nains Kitchen.' enjoy.

Previous Instalments...

PondLife organised the music for SUNRISE CELEBRATION

Our very own Martha Tilston was nominated for the
BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 'Horizon Award'

The Pond would like to big up the quite big already Dragonsfly who, against a tide of teenage thrash, rocked so hard with their breton steps, none could stand in their way as they went on to win 1st prize in the Somerset 'Battle of the bands'

Matt's been very busy with his precious collection of sound bits and valve tings, producing some great new albums from the likes of Dragonsfly, the wonderful Carrie Tree and many more

New to the Pond are Willow & Nanohed, galactic bagpipes from Craig Mac Pharlan futuristic ethno spacetrance from the Blue Lily Commission & the majestic duo Ember
Many more exciting acts line our ferny corridors for near future releases, including
The Ballinsky Project (previously 'Nayfumble') with their new album Ctrl-Z

And then there's even more from those bard-core maestros SpaceGoats.  We will eventually be bringing you the entire Goaty back-catalogue, stretching across several decades of enhurument and weirderies.

stay tuned....

Already here...
Whilst your dipping your toes, don’t forget all the other grand artists we have sploshing joyously about - the awesomely & beautiful songs of Hearth, the delectable and timeless
Mouse, the exquisite music of Dragonsfly, the political festival favourites Seize the Day, the homespun multiverses of Angels of Shanti, the incomparable Sym, the fantastic fabulous Weston Green, the original road-protest psychedelia of the Spacegoats, the twisted electronica of Post Office Records and the incomparably ecoutable Martha Tilston.  Browse our albums ...