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Metronomicon Audio - Metronomicon 3.0

Metronomicon audio's 3rd compilation release; 20 great and fully eclectic tracks from strings that move to bitz that crunch, many many gems shine through out...
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C.O.U. - No Room for Space
Hanny - The Birds Then
Ergo - Cosmic Blues for AliceFree Music
Meta Forever - Mosaic of Jerusalem
Koppen - Chimpira
Helene Rickhard and Thomastic - Down (To the Oak)
Toshybot - The Life of Toshybot
Electrokursen - Katnip, 19 years old
Palace of Pleasure - Spine
Now - Making the Stars Sway (live)

Sepukku Zephyr Dance - Embroys on TV
Lower than Lo-Fi - Sorry
Tile - Track 7
Legs 11 - Artificial
Honkokubbe - Then She Took Marvel
En - En
Lanzarote - Days of Raga
Laconic Zero - Wheeltrasher
Magnus Moriarty™ - Jolly Dub
The Rough Bunnies - Patchouli Boy

Metronomicon 3.0

Metronomicon Audio - Metronomicon 3.0 £4.99

Only available as MP3 download file