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Magnus Moriarty tm - Sky-Fi Beatitude

The further explorations of Moriarty(tm) and his companion and producer Mr. Ergo goes into an area where folk-rock, lo-fi and sci-fi come together into a joyful and poppish mixture.
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Sky-Fi Altitude
Making The Train LandFree Music
Bring On The Captain
No, The Telly Cinderelly!
Narcissistic Necktie Party
Pipe In Hand

The Jelly Cinderelly?
Don't Lose Yr Kru
Lean Rafter In The Early Morning
Hank, The Batmobile Joyrider
Exit Emergency Airport
Happy Plant Reactor

Sky-Fi Beatitude

Magnus Moriarty tm - Sky-Fi Beatitude 4.99

Only available as MP3 download file