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"The music of Muriel is magic for the Soul. Her lyrics speak of deep and wonderful truth. Her melodies carry us on wings of joy.
I have been honoured to share the same stage with her, and would be so greatly honoured to do so again!
Here is a blessing in our midst; a bit of Heaven on Earth!"
 Neale Donald Walsch, International bestselling author of the 'Conversations with God' series.

Muriel has shown a flair and feeling for music from a young age. By the time she reached her teens she excelled at flute, and could also play piano and guitar, but her greatest passion had clearly revealed itself to be singing. With the addition of meditation in her early twenties, songwriting grew as an urge from within and over time resulted in her expressing her heart and connection to the Divine through her voice and music. Muriel's composing and performing from this inward place has been the key to her moving and inspiring audiences, gently and powerfully bringing people closer to the love and joy in their own hearts.

"I'm not naturally one for the spotlight" confides Muriel, "but seeing people so touched by my music has compelled me to write more, share more, and to be generous with it. It really has become such a gift and a pleasure to me."

With a culturally rich background (born in the Netherlands to a Dutch father and French mother, and raised in New Zealand), Muriel's world-view developed into one along the lines of a global citizen, and coupled with her concern for the well-being of people and planet she left her home country for Europe in 2004, with a view to bringing her music to a wider audience. She settled in the ancient town of Glastonbury, England. There in 2007 under her own record label Fortuna Music, she produced her debut professional album 'ANGELICA'.

Muriel toured the U.K. for the events of Neale Donald Walsch (author of 'Conversations With God') in 2007 and 2008, and recently performed at the world premier of author Barbel Mohr's film, based upon her book 'The Cosmic Ordering Service' in Germany.

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