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The Babylon Arabic Band

Born and raised in Iraq, Mohammed started
singing and playing Oud from an early age.
Now resident in Scotland he is involved in many
events and performances.  MAREN LUEG - FLUTE / SOPRANO AND TENOR SAXOPHONE. Maren was born and raised in Germany and is now resident in the UK. Inspired by the sounds she heard from the Turkish and East European communities. CHAS WHITAKER - DARABUKA / DOUF / RIQ / ZILLS. Chas is predominantly self-taught, studying a range
of Middle Eastern and North African percussion.
Over the last 10 years he has been performing and teaching across the UK and abroad. JOEL SANDERSON - CELLO / DOUBLE BASS. Joel hails from Central Scotland and has always been surrounded by music. His father was a professional violin maker and player and led a musical family which include a string quartet.

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