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Over the past six years the unique acoustic

magic of Ember has delighted audiences all over the world – from California to Mexico, Ireland
to Spain, Now based in Wales, where they have recorded all three of their albums, Ember has recently caused a stir at Broadstairs, Priddy, Glastonbury, Llangollen Fringe, Big Green Gathering, Warwick, Otley, Fishguard Folk Festival and Sesiwn Fawr, amongst other festivals, as well as folk clubs all over the UK.

The simple yet moving music centres around the miraculous blending of two very different
voices: that of Welsh songstress Emily Williams, who also sails through the mix with her violin and sets up chunky rhythms with her nylon-strung guitar, and that of Rebecca Sullivan of Utah who fingerpicks a sparkling steel-string, and breaks out the harmonica for a song or two. Whenever possible the duo calls on Welsh cellist Emma Bryden, who brings depth to the music with her beautiful, moody strings.

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