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MoFormed in the chalky mists of Bang Zonacid, the Nanohed algorythm exploded into life. It came to rest within hosts chief technician Jez
and polymath musician
Nick. Paths converged, they forged the sounds
and found the balance between motherboard and soul.

Meanwhile, Ginny’s arc was about to intersect the duo’s when they were engaged by her record label to retune the dials on a recording of her song ‘Sitting Pretty’. This moment of serendipity led to the irrepressible energy and beauty contained within her voice to find a stage afront the clocwork orchestra of automata that vibrate, bang, hum, grate and harmonise the melodies of Nanohed.
Sounds like?  An automated clockwork orchestra of imaginary instruments vibrating, banging and buzzing melodies, choirs of automata creaking in harmony. Pimped up pianolas, souped up music boxes and a [fairy powered]bionic barrel organ. Machines playing instruments. Machines given lives.

Click for more information: Nanohed - The Stars Like Dust