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Kamel Nitrate

amel Nitrate, are twin-humped-eastern-western-and-all-dancable-points-in-between groovemeisters. Merrily mixing world music with breakbeat, adding a dash of funky organ and killer horns, and all served up
with a sitar and bass dressing and gorgeously floating vocals.
The brainchild of international DJ Nelson Dilation and top producer Tony Marrison, the Kamels also feature the fantastic Maria Joao Branco on voice and the unique Laurent ('Ello Tello) Rastelo on Korg org.
Eastern groove meets Euro-pop on pond-weed, this album is filled with funky futuristic fun. Disco curry music on the edge (of what we can but guess)

Click for more information: Kamel Nitrate - Lost in Spice