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Ashera Hart

Ashera is a professional singer with over 20 years'experience in the music world and has been studying the healing power of sound with Jonathan Goldman, Chloe Goodchild, Chris James, Randy Masters etc. Ashera has been channeling or 'singing in tongues' for many years now seeking to move beyond old paradigms.

IN OUR MOTHER'S TONGUE, harnesses the 20 years of
sound-healing research by Fabien Maman
(www.tama-do.com) which seeks to harmonise you, the
listener, with the five elements of the body and to
reconnect you to the Earth. It also has the Pi and Phi
harmonic ratios added by a new invention called the
Pyramid or Ra Processor (developed by two well-known
sonic pioneers from the USA) to deepen your experience
further and re-tune you back to nature

"Real emotion has been created here which has a
mysticism to it. " - DJ Dragonfly, San Francisco

"A sublimely healing journey" - Ron Tofanelli, Soundspaces, SF, USA

Click for more information: Ashera Hart - In Our Mother's Tongue