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Utrophia is a network of groups and individuals dedicated to the promotion and developement of the arts. Based in South East London, Utrophia have a refreshing grass routes approach to their work. They hold fortnightly gigs in local Deptford, hosting regular improv sessions, film screenings and curating installations in the utrophia project space, and are regular contributors to ResonanceFm. Utophia's in house band The Marching Band follow the ethos of taking music off the stage into the streets, with regular marches through london.

Compilation 03 features 30 tracks from 30 different artists, from as far a field as Norway, L.A to South Africa, all of whom have performed at Utrophia events over the years and exemplify  the strength and dynamism of the independant music scene today. 

Click for more information: Utrophia - Utrophia Compilation 03